The FDA approved Neurontin in 1994 for treatment of partial seizures usually associated with epilepsy. It was later approved for pain management associated with postherpetic neuralgia as a result of shingles.

Pfizer Markets Neurontin for Off-Label Use

Shortly after Neurontin appeared on the market, the manufacturer, Pfizer, began intensive marketing of the drug for off-label purposes not approved by the FDA, including bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, migraines and drug and alcohol withdrawal.
Pfizer also marketed the drug for use as a first-line monotherapy treatment for epilepsy, which the FDA had previously rejected. Pfizer continued to implement marketing techniques that illegally promoted Neurontin, influencing off-label uses based on unproven claims. These actions may have caused both patients and doctors to be unable to weigh both the benefits and risks of using the drug.
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