How to Make a Will

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At a will signing, everyone should sit together and watch each other sign the will. The testator should sign first and then the witnesses. No one should leave the table until everyone has signed.
If the will is more than one page, the testator should initial each page. Staple the will together in the upper right and left corners. If possible, no one should ever remove the staples.
Attaching an affidavit to the will that is signed by a notary public verifies the signatures of the witnesses. This may not be required by law but makes it easier for a court to validate your will, especially if the witnesses cannot be located.
Store the original will in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box or fireproof safe. Some attorneys keep original wills in a vault for their clients. If you keep the original in your house, make sure your attorney has a copy or keep a copy in another location. If you keep the original in a safe deposit box, make sure the executor or other loved ones know it’s there.