Media Planning

Online Ads That Earn

Your advertising investment needs a good plan, creativity and the flexibility to adapt as things change. You need to enhance your brand performance in a cluttered Internet marketplace. Our firm can help you accomplish each of these. uses our understanding of you and your online business goals plus insights from traffic-reporting systems to identify and negotiate the most cost–effective media buys for your company.

We look at reach, frequency, cost per impressions, media mix, even pairs of eyeballs and beyond.

We negotiate an advertising media buy that fits your goals and budget. Once it’s placed, we monitor the results. How many eyeballs hit your ads? Are they moved to a desired outcome?

We can analyze and adjust in a heartbeat. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a cost-effective legal marketing channel for generating leads, sales and referrals and creating brand awareness. Our sophisticated advertising technology coupled with the rich contextual framework provided by our popular e-mail newsletters is unrivaled in the legal market.

Our subscribers not only buy products and services from companies such as yours but also spread the word. Reach the largest audience of legal professionals as a whole or target market segments of the legal community by specialty, geography or product and service interest. Utilize leading-edge ad placements such as leader boards, skyscrapers, text placements, newsletters, e-mail and full-page sponsorships to reach this sought-after audience.