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Contracts…criminal defense…personal injury. Most legal problems fall under one of these categories. Some legal issues incorporate aspects of more than one legal discipline, and some simply have their own rules and procedures. Here are some of the important legal matters people face that don’t fit neatly under one of the more general disciplines.

Admiralty and Maritime Law

The law of admiralty addresses a broad range of issues related to navigation and shipping, particularly in waters that are navigable in interstate or foreign commerce. Admiralty deals with both criminal and civil matters, including the rights of seamen and other workers on ships, docks and in other navigation/shipping occupations.

Agricultural Law

Agricultural law establishes legal guidelines for all commerce and business enterprises related to plant and animal farming, including soil preparation, planting, harvesting and breeding.

Aviation Law

State and federal laws provide guidance regarding the operation and flow of aircraft, as well as the maintenance of aviation facilities. Most authority for air travel operations is now vested in the Department of Homeland Security.

Civil and Human Rights Law

The U.S. Constitution, as well as state and federal laws, guarantee citizens certain rights regardless of race, gender, color, creed, religious or political affiliation. These rights are commonly referred to as civil rights.
The United States, along with other civilized countries, has adopted standards for enforcing certain basic rights of all human beings. These rights are known as human rights.

Constitutional Law

The U.S. Constitution establishes the framework for both the operation of the American government, but the protection of certain basic individual rights. The provisions of the Constitution are subject to judicial review in
the federal courts. A large percentage of the cases heard involving the U.S. Constitution focus on the rights granted in the first 8 Amendments to the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights.

Education Law

State and federal agencies administer and enforce laws and regulations governing access to educational opportunities in America. Key issues involve equal access without respect to gender, race or ethnic origin, or disability.

Entertainment and Sports Law

Successful entertainers and athletes often encounter unique, but similar legal problems, including certain types of labor challenges or contract issues.
Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Law The demand for energy and other natural resources can and does have a profound impact on state and local environments, from air quality to groundwater to aesthetics. Environmental laws establish rules for the extraction and exploration of natural resources, balancing the need for resources with quality of life and other issues.

Gaming Law

Gaming law sets standards and provides for enforcement of laws governing gambling, casinos and games of chance. Gaming law includes criminal provisions, regulatory schemes and contract rules.

International Law and Foreign Relations

In today’s global business climate, issues often arise when parties to a transaction come from different countries. International law provides a framework within which disputes between companies in different nations can be

Media Law

In recent years, media law has increasingly focused on broadcast media, such as Internet, television, satellite, cable and radio. Many of the most significant issues relate to intellectual property, such as copyright and
trademark, but media law also addresses unfair competition, truth in advertising and libel/slander claims.

Military Law

In criminal matters, members of the American armed forces are generally subject to the laws set forth in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (the UCMJ). There are also specific statutes that address the rights of military
personnel in divorce proceedings and other civil matters.

Consumer Rights Law

As a consumer, you have certain rights when dealing with lenders or businesses.

Government Agencies & Programs

This section covers the basics of Medicaid, Medicare and social welfare programs, as well as information about government contracts and administrative law.

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