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Statement of Clients Rights and Responsibilities

Lea en español The New York State Bar Association has promulgated documents called the Statements of Client’s Rights and Responsibilities. It gives clients a standard to judge lawyers by. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Elliott S. Schlissel seek to provide the highest level of legal representation to our clients. As a public service […]


Breaking News……… Legal Help for Consumers; Connections for Attorneys! Consumers, can you access professional legal help with the push of a button, at a time when you need immediate advice? Attorneys, are you visible to the millions of consumers who utilize the internet for legal education and assistance? GetLegal Launches AttyAssist Platform With today’s technology, […]

Other Practice Areas

Lea en español Contracts…criminal defense…personal injury. Most legal problems fall under one of these categories. Some legal issues incorporate aspects of more than one legal discipline, and some simply have their own rules and procedures. Here are some of the important legal matters people face that don’t fit neatly under one of the more general […]

Career Center

The Dallas Bar Association now offers our online Career Center open to attorneys who are new to the profession or looking to make a career transition, as well as job opportunities for other positions (paralegal, law firm administrator, legal secretary) available in the Dallas area legal community. Employers now have a way to reach Dallas […]


All summer clerks can learn more about living and practicing in Dallas and are invited to the Clerkship Luncheon today, June 13, noon at Belo. Panelists include: Travis Foster, The Foster Firm PLLC; Mandy Price, Weil, Gotshal & Manges; Veronica Roper, Oncor; Jennifer Wang, Dallas City Attorney’s Office; and Dimitri Dube, Dimitri Dube, P.C. (Moderator). […]

McGuireWoods Opens New Office in Dallas – the Firm’s 3rd in Texas – With Arrival of New Partners

McGuireWoods LLP is opening a new office in Dallas, expanding the international law firm’s depth of services available in Texas and the southwestern United States. The Dallas office joins McGuireWoods’ Texas offices in Houston and Austin, strengthening the firm’s strategic position in this critical U.S. market. Our new partners and additional lawyers who will soon […]

No Surface Mini from Microsoft

Microsoft will not unveil a smaller-sized Surface tablet tomorrow, according to multiple sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans. The anticipated Surface, which many had assumed would be a device with a 7- or 8-in. screen — dubbed by wags as the “Surface Mini” — will, in fact, not be unveiled Tuesday at Microsoft’s New York event. […]

Legal Humor

Law Firm Marketing

Improve your firm’s presence on the web through a strategic marketing campaign with The growing legal industry is competitive, so it’s important that when planning your firm’s next campaign, you work with professionals experienced in strategic online marketing. and offer a range of online services for attorneys and law firms wanting to […]

Law Practice Management

The success of a law practice greatly depends on its management. The right employees and company policies simplify administration. Visit our Law Practice Management section to find ways to improve your firm’s operations. Law Office Staffing Our Career Center allows both employers and job seekers to connect through one easy-to-use portal. Employers can post job […]

Legal Tip

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Hiring an Attorney : The Initial Consultation

Before meeting with an attorney, ask if there is a fee for an initial consultation. You will be obligated to pay that fee even if you do not hire the attorney. However, even if the consultation is free, you have the right to take time to think before you hire the attorney, and you have […]

Ten Things You Can Do To Improve Your Attorney-Client Relationship

By Patrick Wright July 2, 2012 Let’s face it; there are a lot of lawyers in Texas. As of November 6, 2009, there were 83,596 to be exact. As the managing partner of The Wright Firm and as a practicing lawyer over the last seventeen years, I have spoken with numerous people who were mad […]

GetLegal’s Lead Tracking System Focuses on Converting Leads into Revenue for Law Firms

New clients are the lifeblood of any law firm, but the process of tracking and qualifying leads can be cumbersome and time-consuming. If a firm doesn’t move quickly, other firms will scoop up the best cases. And how can a firm monetize the second-tier cases that it doesn’t want to handle itself? GetLegal’s Lead Tracking […]

Legal Process Outsourcing

In recent years, the legal industry has experienced a global paradigm shift in the delivery model for legal services. This model, known as Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), involves the transfer of legal processes to low-wage markets overseas. LPO is growing in popularity as law firms seek to minimize costs, increase flexibility and expand their in-house […]

Litigation Support: Technology in Practice

Litigation support focuses on electronic discovery, also known as e-discovery, which is the use of technology to handle, catalogue, review and categorize vast quantities of documents and evidence produced in discovery. This use of technology has proven vital particularly to certain corporate civil litigation. In addition to e-discovery, litigation support professionals’ technological expertise often benefits […]

Temporary Office Space for Litigation

Lawyers sometimes find themselves in need of temporary office space for jobs that are too big or too distant for the permanent office to accommodate, and the need for technology in this secondary location is crucial. Any member of the legal team who might use the remote office will work more effectively if all technological […]

Legal Blogs | Lawyers Branching Out into the Blogosphere

by Tami Kamin-Meyer, Attorney at Law July 15, 2008 Blogging, once the communication domain of tech-savvy youngsters, has evolved into something that’s the opposite of Trix, the cereal that touts itself as “for kids.” Increasingly, lawyers are creating blogs about their law practices, court rulings or whatever strikes their fancy. Blogging is not only an […]

Law Office Finances

Automated Technologies GetLegal understands the important financial decisions that both new and established law practices must make. We offer information and resources to help you with these decisions, including funding litigation and implementing an automated client billing system. We continue to expand and develop our resources in this area. Equipment Leasing Don’t tie up your […]

Legal Website Services for Law Firms

GetLegal provides marketing services for Attorneys through their expert staff with over 50 years in legal, online marketing. Through the opportunities within the site, Website design and hosting, Catalyst Reputation Management, and coming soon direct connect with clients, the Team here can supply you with what you need. We understand that your campaign should […]

Website Design

Visitors Come First: User Experience Design philosophy revolves around user experience. A visitor’s first impression is a major part of a successful website design. Provide easy-to-use navigation, clean design and clear content, and they will like your site. Google’s search engine launched well after Alta Vista, Excite and Yahoo were firmly established. Within just a […]

Customized Content

Content Is King Professionally written content on your site delivers more value to your clients and prospects by adding fresh, relevant content. The writers can help your site place higher in search engine results. Search engines often look for keywords that are indexed within the content pages of your site. Relevant optimized content also […]

Creative Services

The Most Creative Internet Ads Are Those That Work It seems like a subjective thing — the way your ads look and what they say. A matter of taste? We don’t think so. At, we’ve found that the most creative web ads are those that work, and we can produce just that. Applying our […]

Website Analytics

Tracking and ROI Reporting: The Information You Need “Half of my advertising isn’t working, but I don’t know which half.” Tracking results from the web — traffic, ad-conversion rates, etc. — is easier than most people believe. Website analytics will help you find answers without drowning you in a sea of numbers and technical terms. […]

5 Ways Attorneys Benefit from Web Analytics

by Akhil Saklani, chief operating officer of Web analytics is the study of the behavior of website visitors. It provides data that attorneys can use for web marketing and website development. Web analytics can help you understand how visitors find your site, what they do there and where they exit. This data typically is […]

4 Tips for Developing a Successful Law Firm Website

by Wes Strawn, manager of product fulfillment at When a law firm decides to launch a website, most hire a professional design team. Those unsure of the process of website development might fear that in doing so, they will have little input into the look and feel of the site. The web development team […]

Video Services provides a full range of video services that will allow you to take advantage of the impact interactive video now has on the web. By providing compelling legal information to visitors on your site, you will achieve an instant personalized connection to potential clients and establish a strong call to action. The Benefits of […]

What We Offer provides video services that employ state-of-the-art tools and experience, offering a number of services and options for interactive video content. On-Location Video Shooting Our professional, in-house studio is equipped with the necessary tools to film and produce high-quality video that can be applied to websites or video banners. Our video team is experienced in […]

The Process

In order to provide the highest-quality video production and customer experience, relies on a logical process that will construct your online video from the ground up. From the initial contact to the release of video and its marketing campaign, we will enlist the proper tools and experience for each crucial step. Consultation Upon sign-up, […]

5 Advantages of Using Video on Your Website

by Stan Black, vice president of production for The use of video is becoming important to staying competitive on the web. As more law firms develop an online presence, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself by including video about your firm on your website. While nothing guarantees an increase in business, the use of video […]

5 Reasons to Measure User Response to Video on Law Firm Websites

by Akhil Saklani, chief operating officer of You have filmed videos for your law firm and uploaded them to your website. The next step is to measure how users respond to your videos. The ability to measure video performance online is a relatively new practice that gives your firm knowledge about how visitors interact […]

Online Marketing Research

Test, Learn and Know — The Only Way to Target How do customers act on their beliefs? What are their trigger points? Do you need analysis to determine the best combination of profit, price and promotion offers or multivariate testing of landing page offers and formats?’s online marketing research replaces assumptions with facts. By […]

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Is your call to action strong enough? Let us conduct A/B and multivariate search testing to discover the messages and images that have the most power of impact.’s A/B Lab service allows us to test and retest each marketing campaign element. It helps marketers find out the combinations with the best usability and selling […]

Web Audits and Consultancy

Our website audit will help you enhance your visitors’ experience, generate more leads, improve conversion rates and increase sales. Custom audits designed to meet your needs Maybe you’d like to improve a particular process or clarify a key message. Perhaps you’re engaged in an internal debate and need a fresh, objective opinion. Our audits are […]

Search Engine Optimization

If you are looking to increase your website’s presence on the Internet, we will provide you with a detailed insight into the world of search engine optimization. It’s easy to get your site online, but once you get there, you likely will encounter a common dilemma: Where are the visitors? Search engine optimization means more […]

Paid Search Management

Management of Pay Per Click: Working with a Search Marketing Partner to Maximize Your ROI Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a search engine marketing technique that requires you to pay every time someone clicks to your website from an ad you’ve placed in a search engine’s results. The more you agree to pay per click (or […]

Natural Search Optimization

Conversion and Position Means Profit Search engine marketing is a lively, complex practice. Search engines change their algorithms, merge with each other, share content and develop new products. You can optimize for web, image and even news results. And we haven’t even started talking about how your competitors’ actions can complicate things. The good news […]

Blog Optimization Services

Reach People, Share Information and Get Feedback Your first few blog posts were a novelty, a joy, an outlet for thoughts that previously had no venue. Now you’re wondering if anyone’s reading them. Is it worth the work to communicate into the noise of nearly 40 million blogs and billions of blog posts? Now that […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

by David Host, Search Engine Marketing Manager for Professional search engine marketing can increase your website’s natural results ranking on search engines including Google, Yahoo! and MSN’s Live Search. “Natural” results are those produced by a search engine through its standard algorithms without taking into account any special placement for paid or sponsored listings. […]

Legal Practice Areas

For each legal practice area, we’ve organized links to the most useful websites for research, along with research guides, online news sources, popular blogs, and links to associations and government agencies relevant to the area. If you don’t find the practice area you’re looking for, keep checking back. We’ll continue to add new practice areas […]

Legal Insurance Services Center

Whether you’re in private practice or new to a law firm, the right type and amount of insurance is crucial to your success. Our Legal Insurance Services Center provides information on business-specific insurance such as commercial, professional liability, general liability and workers’ compensation. Professional Coverage Commercial Commercial insurance covers your business in case of theft, […]

Automated Technologies

A goal of any well-managed law office is the improvement of client management, attorney–client relationships, office management and office efficiency. Software is the way technology encourages us to look for automated solutions. Key in the information once, then use the information over and over to accomplish more than one task. A modern law office typically […]

Litigation Funding through Counsel Financial

Credit lines for Litigators Financial Solutions for Plaintiffs’ Counsel Only GetLegal is a proud partner with Counsel Financial Services, a highly specialized commercial lender offering loans and credit lines solely to law firms whose revenues are derived from contingency fee practice. Borrowing power ranges from $50,000,000 to $50 million and can be used for any […]

Online Continuing Legal Education Courses

Most popular bundles in Texas, New York, California, Virginia and Florida and Continuing Legal Education Center The online CLE and MCLE programs featured at are carefully screened to ensure accreditation, ease of use and other factors we believe are critical for successful e-learning. You’ll find continuing legal education courses and programs to […]

Texas Cases

Supreme Court Court of Criminal Appeals Opinions Rules and Procedures Courts of Appeals (by district) Houston Fort Worth Austin San Antonio Dallas Texarkana Amarillo El Paso Beaumont Waco Eastland Tyler Corpus Christi Houston

Legal Research Center

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Getting served with a subpoena

It can be confusing and even frightening to be served with a subpoena, especially if you do not know what’s involved. A subpoena is a summons to appear in court. No matter the reason, you need to appear in court on the appointed day and time or else you may be held in contempt of […]

Attorney fees for different situations

An attorney’s fee can vary dramatically from state to state, lawyer to lawyer and client to client. On the other hand, if you are injured in a serious accident and it appears that someone else is largely at fault, such as the driver of the car in which you were a passenger, or the driver […]

Hire another attorney if you’re not satisfied with your current one

You can change lawyers if you are unhappy with the one you hired. Defendants who hire their own lawyer have the right to fire them at any time, without court approval. You don’t even have to justify the firing. Changing lawyers will probably be costly. The defendant will have to pay the original attorney whatever […]

Free legal support

Many people feel that hiring an attorney to represent them would mean using their life savings to pay for legal counsel, but there are some instances when you may be able to find an attorney to represent you at no cost. Being charged with a crime can be one example in which you may be […]

The definition of subpoena

A subpoena is a written order to compel an individual to give testimony on a particular subject, often before a court but sometimes in other proceedings (such as a congressional inquiry). Failure to comply with such an order to appear may be punishable as contempt. A subpoena can be more formally referred to as a […]