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Pillsbury is pleased to announce the opening of our Austin office as the next step in our firm’s strategic focus and our unwavering commitment to our clients throughout the state of Texas and the Gulf Coast. “Our vision is to build one of the strongest full service legal teams in Texas to represent the energy […]

Home-Based Businesses

Try not to rely on a standard homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to cover your home-based business. Those policies often exclude or strictly limit coverage for business equipment or your business visitors’, an example would be a slip and fall incident. Have a talk with your insurance agent and go over your business plan. Ask […]

Incorporating Your Business

If you’re operating a sole proprietorship or partnership, you may want to consider the advantages of incorporating your business. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of limited personal liability, but corporations will generally pay less in taxes, namely the self-employment/FICA tax. More About Business Law

Small Business Law

The laws that govern and regulate small business and companies are vast and numerous. These laws and regulations are also difficult to interpret because they are written in legal language and not common speaking language. A Small Business Law Firm can help you get on the right track with your business or company by interpreting […]

Business Law | Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the world of business it’s often a matter of who gets there first. Staying ahead of the curve often means staying ahead of the competition. Business lawyers often form ongoing, consultative relationships that keep companies apprised of important developments both domestically and abroad that impact business interests. Whether it’s a tax issue, trade regulation, […]

When is a third party directly responsible for another company’s stock fraud?

The Supreme Court is asked to draw this line. Arguments are set for October 9. This is one of the biggest securities-law showdowns in years. In this case, third-party suppliers allegedly assisted a cable company with the ”cooking” of its books. The decision, when applied, could affect lawyers, investment bankers, accountants and anyone who does […]

Business Law

Lea en español Whether you are considering launching a new business, or you own or operate a going concern, there are legal matters you must address. What’s the best type of structure for your business? A partnership? A limited liability company? Do you need a contract to protect your interests? What do you need to […]