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Lea en español When visiting a doctor, a patient expects that the symptoms presented will prompt the proper diagnosis, leading to a successful treatment and recovery. Health care professionals have a responsibility of providing a standard of care that promotes the well-being of the patient. Unfortunately, negligence on the part of the doctor could lead […]

Breast Cancer

Lea en español If a doctor or health care provider fails to follow the standards recognized by the medical community for the diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer, he or she may be sued for medical malpractice. Any delay in treatment or omitted test findings could have disastrous results. If proper procedure is not followed, […]

Lung Cancer

Lea en español The leading cause of lung cancer is smoking; however, nonsmokers may develop lung cancer from other sources, such as asbestos or radon gas. Lung cancer also may develop from the spread of cancer (metastasis) from other parts of the body. Misdiagnosis Lung cancer is one of the most misdiagnosed types of cancer. […]