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Considerations for child custody

When a couple is separating or in the midst of getting a divorce there are some factors to consider when talking about who should get custody of the child(ren). A big factor is the age and sex of the child, including the emotional ties between the parent and the child. Any relationship between the child […]

Grandparents and Child Custody

Grandparents may join an action between the parents, or initiate an independent action, for the purpose of obtaining a court order for visitation with grandchildren. A grandparent may have to prove to the court that harm will occur to the grandchild in the absence of visitation. Since parents have a fundamental right to the custody […]

State factors for custodial arrangements

Typically, each state has factors in deciding custodial arrangements, considering the following in some form or another: age and sex of the child emotional ties between the parties involved and the child relationship between child and siblings capacity of the parties seeking custody to provide a loving, nurturing environment for the child capacity and resources […]

Child Custody

Lea en español The Basic Standard for Determining Child Custody Though the courts in all states will examine a wide range of factors when establishing custody of minor children, the basic guideline is always what the law defines as “the best interests of the child.” To ascertain the best interests of the child, the court […]