Conexión — Confianza — Conciencia

Es un mundo conectado y, a menudo, el poder de la conexión reside en la confianza y la conciencia que proporciona, factores importantes cuando necesita ayuda para resolver un problema legal. A continuación, encontrará acceso al blog GetLegal, que lo mantendrá actualizado y al tanto de las tendencias o problemas importantes.


  • How One Child Changed an Outdated Law

    When you think of being a kid at wintertime, what comes to mind? Holidays, certainly. Probably skating and sledding; maybe snowball fights…unless, of course, you grew up in Severance, Colorado. Until a few weeks ago, snowball fights were illegal in the little town. When the town was founded back i... Lee mas

  • Town Missteps in Ruling Against Dance Classes

    If it's been a few years since you saw Footloose, you might have lost track of the battle against sexy dancing, but it roared back to life recently when a Pennsylvania dance instructor was denied a permit for her dance studio because she wanted to teach pole dancing. Pole dancing, of course, is m... Lee mas

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