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Es un mundo conectado y, a menudo, el poder de la conexión reside en la confianza y la conciencia que proporciona, factores importantes cuando necesita ayuda para resolver un problema legal. A continuación, encontrará acceso al blog GetLegal, que lo mantendrá actualizado y al tanto de las tendencias o problemas importantes.


  • Four Things to Know About Traffic Stops

    You’re driving down the road; you glance down at the speedometer and see that you’re driving right at the speed limit. Then, you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. You pull over and a police officer orders you to step out of your car. The officer then asks to search your car. What sho... Lee mas

  • Teachers, Guns, and Schools: Issues of Local Law

    Recently, a small school district in eastern Pennsylvania became the first school district in the state to permit teachers and other school employees to carry concealed weapons in schools. The measure, which the school board passed unanimously, offers employees a $2,000 annual stipend and a $250,000... Lee mas

  • State Gun Laws and Ballot Measures

    During the 2018 midterms, Washington State asked voters to consider a ballot initiative outlining one of the most sweeping platforms of gun safety laws in the nation; the initiative passed with 60 percent of the vote. Initiative 1639 took a broad approach to gun control, addressing a wide range of i... Lee mas

  • Voter ID Law Review

    As election day approaches, there is plenty of debate over the status of individual races – will Georgia turn blue? Will the Democrats succeed in flipping the House? A more pressing question for some voters may be whether they have the correct identification to allow them to vote. Currently, 3... Lee mas

  • California’s Net Neutrality Law

    Society’s increasing reliance on technology for communication and entertainment has raised important questions about access to the internet and how (or even if) that access should be regulated. Concerns have coalesced in a debate over net neutrality. The Obama administration passed the essential n... Lee mas

  • Older People and Voter IDs

      A 2017 report by Democratic Senators Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota identified a number of barriers to voting for older Americans, including closure of voting locations, hard-to-reach polling places, and limits on early and absentee voting, as well as voter ID law... Lee mas

  • The Shape of a District: Gerrymandering and Political Power

    With a little over two months remaining until the November midterm elections, three federal judges of the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that North Carolina’s map of congressional districts had been drawn to offer a deliberate and impermissible advantage to Republicans. The map ... Lee mas

  • Understanding Claims of Voter Fraud

    Over the past few years, the news has been full of claims of voter fraud: vague and terrifying allegations that the American electoral process has been undermined by deliberate efforts to subvert the system. “Voter fraud” evokes the image of people who are ineligible to vote – because they are... Lee mas

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