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The Liability in Joyrides

If a joyride ends up in a crash, and ends up causing injuries and damages to property, then who is liable? This is a question that parents wish they never have to ask, but the possibility is always present. For instance, a 6-year old and her 8-year old brother took their parents’ car for a […]

”Sexting” Growing Trend Among Teens

By Anayat Durrani April 29, 2009 Teens sending risqué photos of themselves to friends using cell phones, called “sexting,” has parents and school officials up in arms over the growing trend. The seemingly innocent, but potentially dangerous, practice has resulted in a handful of cases nationwide of teens being charged with child pornography and placed […]

The difference between lying and entrapment

Many people assume that if a person wishing to buy drugs approaches an undercover police officer, the case will be dismissed if the officer lies and denies working for the police. But that is not generally true.  Police may lie, but they may not be involved in “entrapment”. Entrapment occurs when police induce or persuade someone to […]

When to contact a lawyer

If you have committed a crime, are accused of committing a crime or believe you are being investigated for a crime, it is time to get an attorney involved. An attorney can advise and assist you in dealing with the police and can also help keep the matter as private as possible.

Blood alcohol levels abroad

Trends for legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) abroad are increasingly conservative. In the U.S. it is typically .08%, but the legal limit is .05% in many countries, including Australia, Isreal, France, and Germany. In Sweden it is .02%. For an interesting write-up on the laws and customs in other countries see this National Highway Traffic […]

Violating Parole or Probation

There are a number of options, ranging from a verbal warning to going back to prison to serve the balance of your sentence. For example, let’s imagine you obtain a one-year suspended sentence, are placed on probation for three years, and, as a condition of probation, told not to drive a car. If you are […]

Trial By Judge or Jury

To have a trial by judge or jury is something that you and your attorney must make together. If a criminal case is punishable by more than six months’ imprisonment, you generally have the right to be tried by a jury of fellow citizens. Your chances could be better with a jury, because the prosecutor […]

Home Confinement

Housing of offenders in their own homes with or without electronic monitoring devices. Reduces prison over crowding and prisoner costs. Sometimes and intermediate punishment involving the use of offender residences for mandatory incarceration during even hours after a curfew and on weekends. This can also be referred to as house arrest.

Texas Inmate Plans for Freedom as DNA Exonerations Continue in Texas

by the GetLegal editorial staff Jan. 3, 2008 Charles Chatman has spent the last 27 years in prison, having been convicted of rape and sentenced to life in prison in 1981 at the age of 20. Now 47, Chatman is expected to be released, making him the 15th person in Dallas County to be wrongfully […]

Your rights during a police interrogation

An interrogation occurs when the police ask questions for the purpose of getting information about a crime from a suspect or a witness. If a person is “in custody”, the police must read you your rights before they can interrogate. This is done to ensure any statements given are voluntary. “In custody” does not always […]

Defendant’s Right to Counsel

A criminal defendant’s right to an attorney is found in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which requires the “assistance of counsel” for the accused “in all criminal prosecutions.” This means that a defendant has a constitutional right to be represented by an attorney during trial. It also means that if the defendant cannot […]

The Late Claude Howard Jones’ Innocence Hangs on a Single Strand of Hair

Lea en español by Laura Smith Sept. 11, 2007 A 1-inch piece of hair is proving to be a Texas-size bone of contention. The hair: Authorities are not sure whose head it came from. The bone: Some criminal justice groups want the hair for DNA testing, and a district attorney doesn’t want to give it […]

Public defenders office

If you live in an area that does not have a public defenders office, the court will have an up-to-date list of attorneys and appoint them on a rotating basis to represent people who cannot afford to hire their own attorneys.

How to find out if your offender is being released from jail

In almost all states, victims whose offenders have been incarcerated in prison are notified if the attacker is being considered for parole or release. In other states, though, victims must register with the state correctional authority to receive notice. Some states may give notification only with serious crimes, such as rape, murder or kidnapping.

Understanding bail and bonds

If you are arrested for a crime, the judge will usually set what is called “bail.” Bail is sometimes set, per a schedule, immediately after you are booked for a crime. For more serious crimes, bail may not be set until your arraignment, which is the court date on which the charges are read against […]