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Criminal Justice System

Lea en español Investigation, Arrest and Arraignment Before a person can be tried and convicted of a crime, there must be a legal arrest, and charges must be filed. Though a police officer may personally observe illegal activity, like driving while intoxicated and other traffic violations, in most instances, law enforcement officers act based on […]

Remember This for Criminal Cases

In criminal cases, the government is always the prosecuting party. The prosecution must prove its case against the defendant “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Defendants have rights that are guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution, which help to ensure that they have a fair trial. State law and state constitutions may protect other rights. If […]

Defamatory statements by a witness under oath

Statements in a judicial proceeding are privileged. A judge, juror, lawyers, witnesses, or other parties are absolutely protected from defamation actions. Witnesses who lie are instead subject to perjury charges, a criminal offense that is brought by a district attorney, not a civil claim subject to monetary damages. Some aspects of the political process are […]

COMMENTARY: Justice or "Checkbook" Justice?

by Robert A. Schwartz, Attorney at Law June 11, 2007 Do people with money, power or celebrity operate under a different legal standard than those without? Is justice for sale? We seem to be offended by this notion but let it happen. We have come to expect that Charlie Sheen will get chance after chance […]