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Juvenile Offenses

In the juvenile justice system, penalties tend to toward rehabilitation, rather than punishment. In most instances, juveniles will be treated less harshly, even if their crime is one for which an adult would be penalized. Some juvenile offenses, though, are merely status offenses, which would not be crimes if committed by adults. The Juvenile Court […]

How do juvenile trials differ from adult criminal trials?

Lea en español In some states, juveniles do not have a right to a jury trial unless tried as an adult. If tried as a juvenile, the accused’s case will be decided by a judge. The juvenile is not entitled to bail, and the public has no access to the trial or to information about […]

Parental liability for children’s acts

A parent may be vicariously liable for the acts of a minor child if the parent failed to supervise or control the child properly. Vicarious liability imposes responsibility for the acts of another based on the relationship with the person who committed the act. For example, California has a “gang parent” law that authorizes the […]

Is a juvenile court hearing the same as a trial?

Lea en español Fundamental elements of due process are provided to a juvenile just as they are to an adult. For example, a child charged in a juvenile proceeding is entitled to: notice of charges against him or her before the hearing an attorney, including one paid for by the state if the family cannot […]