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Visas for Victims of Domestic Violence

Lea en español Immigration through a U.S. citizen or permanent-resident family member usually requires that the citizen or permanent resident file a petition on behalf of the relative. This means the citizen or permanent resident controls the immigration process. In relationships in which domestic violence has occurred, this control can be abused by the citizen […]

Diversity Visa Lottery

Lea en español The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program allots 55,000 permanent-resident visas each year for applicants from countries that have a low rate of immigration to the U.S. In a lottery process, the federal government chooses 100,000 applicants from the millions received each year and allows those applicants to apply for the limited diversity visas. […]

Investor and Company Transfer Visas

Lea en español International investors and business owners may apply for a visa to live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis. Permanent Residence Through Investment An person who invests at least $1 million and creates jobs for 10 U.S. workers may apply to become a lawful permanent resident. The investment amount drops […]

Qualifying for a Permanent Visa

Lea en español Permanent Residency Status in the United States Foreign national who want to move permanently to the United States must apply for and be granted permanent residency status, known popularly as a “green card.” A green card is a permanent visa, a document that provides lawful evidence of your permanent residence in America. […]