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Keyword Infringement? : American Airlines Claims Google Violated Trademark Laws

by Paul Goetz Aug. 24, 2007 A recent suit filed by American Airlines brings into question Google’s use of searchable keywords used for sponsored links. American is suing Google for selling trademarked terms to other companies. This allows for someone to search the web for a phrase (e.g., “American Airlines”) and get results including not […]

Protecting your trademark

The owner of a trademark can be assured of a few things once he or she gets protection of the trademark. Others are not allowed to use the mark, but if they do, you can be sure to recover money damages if they already knew the trademark was in use.


Lea en español What is a Trademark? A trademark is a symbol, picture, word or phrase that a seller or manufacturer uses to distinguish a product or service from that of a competitor. Technically, marks used to identify specific services are known as service marks, but they are treated the same as trademarks under the […]