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Traffic Ticket Information : Major & Minor Violations

Traffic violations are divided into major violations and minor violations. The most minor type is a parking violation, which is not counted against a driving record, though a person may be arrested for unpaid violations. Increasing in severity are speeding and other moving violations, which usually do not require a court appearance. More serious moving […]

Driving records and points

The DMV keeps a record determining your safety as a driver. This record involves a series of points. In many states, there are different “tiers,” or numbers of points, accumulated for different offenses. A “one point” offense may include an at-fault accident, while DUI/DWI is typically two points. If a certain number of points are […]

Keeping up with traffic tickets

Lea en español Although receiving a traffic ticket is not a criminal offense, accumulating enough unpaid tickets can result in the suspension of driving privileges. Keep up with your tickets by either paying them or contesting them promptly.

Signing tickets

Signing a ticket for speeding or some other violation is not an admission of guilt. It is simply acknowledgement that the person given the ticket will take care of it, either by contesting it or paying it. If you do not sign a ticket, you may be arrested in some states, so it is wise […]

Lights, tinting, ticket

Running lights underneath your car, adding an extra tint to your windows or raising or lowering your vehicle may get you noticed—by law enforcement. Certain vehicle modifications are actually illegal. Check your state’s laws on vehicle modification before you head to the garage.

Click it or ticket?

Most states have adopted a seat belt law and accompanying fines if you’re caught unbuckled. For some states, the law includes front seat drivers, other states include the front and back seats. The law can have different provisions based on the ages of the passengers. Find out the specifics of seat belt fines and laws […]

Traffic Tickets

Lea en español Though many individuals may consider them little more than a nuisance, traffic citations are generally considered to be criminal offenses. The fines for certain types of infractions can be substantial and can lead to significant increases in the cost of auto insurance premiums. In some circumstances, traffic convictions can add points to […]

The issuance of a traffic ticket

If you are pulled over by a police officer and given a traffic ticket, it is in your best interest to sign the ticket or else be taken into police custody. The ticket contains a notice to you of a pending court date at which you must appear. By signing the ticket, you are showing […]

Traffic ticket is a criminal offense

Resolving a traffic ticket in court is handled differently from resolving a civil lawsuit because most traffic tickets are handled as criminal matters. The sentence in a criminal case can result in an order to pay a fine, a sentence of probation or time in jail. The sentence placed in a criminal case is a […]