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Dying without a will

Lea en español Dying without a will is called dying “intestate.” Each state has a different way of handling your property when you die intestate. State intestacy laws distribute property in a uniform way based on blood relation. In most states, if you are married and die intestate, your spouse will get the majority of […]

How to Make a Will

Lea en español At a will signing, everyone should sit together and watch each other sign the will. The testator should sign first and then the witnesses. No one should leave the table until everyone has signed. If the will is more than one page, the testator should initial each page. Staple the will together […]

The Validity of an Oral Will

Lea en español Some states uphold oral wills. These states usually validate them only if they were made during the deceased’s “last sickness.” A person is considered to be in his or her last sickness if he or she makes the will knowing he or she is about to die. Additionally, states may require that […]

Requirements for publishing a will

Every state has a Statute of Wills that establishes the requirements for making a valid will in that state. Some of the requirements are that the person making the will (testator) must be of legal age and of “sound mind”. The legal age is set by the state statute. Most wills are typed up but […]

Joint and mutual wills

A joint will is a will executed by two or more testators. The testator is the person who is making the will. If two or more testators execute the same instrument as heir will, the document is called a joint will. A mutual will can arise when two or more testators execute separate wills that […]

Evidence of a lost will

A will may be missing because the deceased purposely revoked it, in which case, depending on state law, an earlier will or the state’s rules on interstate succession would determine who gets the deceased’s estate. Then again, the will may be missing because it may have been stored in a bank vault but was somehow […]


Lea en español Wills — An Overview A will is a legally recognized tool that can be used to: Establish a clear plan for the distribution of property upon death Name a person or persons to act as guardian of minors or others Provide direction for the payment of final debts and taxes Minimize estate […]