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Obama to sign order on LGBT job discrimination

A White House official said Monday that US President Barack Obama [JURIST news archive] will sign an executive order that would bar federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. This action marks a departure [Reuters report] from the White House’s position last year that an executive order would carry […]

The largest law firms in Dallas will be presented their annual report cards for diversity on Tuesday.

The Dallas Diversity Task Force’s 2013 report shows that not only is diversity not improving at the city’s biggest firms, it is getting worse. None of the 19 largest firms meet even minimum standards for recruiting, hiring, promoting and retaining minority lawyers, according to the study, which is conducted annually by the African-American, Hispanic and […]

Other Types of Discrimination

Lea en español Equal Pay Several laws entitle workers who perform “substantially equal” work to be paid equally. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 applies only to equal pay regarding sex. Other laws, such as Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, prohibit discrimination in pay regarding any […]

Common Discrimination Claims

Lea en español On average, approximately 80,000 discrimination claims are filed each year nationwide. The majority involves discrimination based on race, age, disability or gender. Race Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals from discrimination based on race. It applies to employers with 15 or more employees, and every race is […]

When Race Affects Tips, Do Employees Have Recourse?

by Linda Holmes, J.D. April 15, 2008 There’s nothing more annoying than a study pointing out that we’re not as rational as we think we are. It’s so much easier not to know. Consider tipping in restaurants. You tip your server based on friendliness, good service and the peculiar power with which human kindness courses […]

State Laws and Job Discrimination

Most states have antidiscrimination laws which expand on federal employment laws. For example, Wisconsin, has laws prohibiting discrimination based on arrest/conviction records, sexual orientation and marital status. Some states include discrimination laws regarding weight and/or smoker/non-smoker status.

Employee Discrimination

Federal law prohibits discrimination on the following basis: Race Color Religion National Origin Sex Age Physical Disability Mental Disability Familial Status

Discrimination at the workplace

The first thing you should do if you feel discriminated against in the workplace is try to find out if it is simply a misunderstanding that could be cleared up with a short conversation. If it is more serious, talk with your employer. If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive from either […]

UPS Under Fire: Governor Defends Same-Sex Partners

United Parcel Service received a letter from Gov. Jon S. Corzine urging the company to implement the New Jersey Civil Union Law and put forward benefits for employees in a same-sex partnership. Gay-rights groups have the shipping giant under fire by asserting that same-sex partners are not receiving the same treatment as their married coworkers […]

Discrimination at work

If you think that you are being discriminated against at work, notify your employer or contact human resources. Filing a complaint will give your employer a chance to fix the problem and also protect your right to collect damages from your employer if you decide to file a lawsuit. If nothing is being done at […]

Employment Discrimination

Lea en español Discrimination on the Job—An Overview The laws governing discrimination in the workplace are based on both constitutional prohibitions, and on state and federal statutes. As a general rule, discrimination is defined as the practice of treating a group of people differently. The U.S. Supreme Court has established certain tests for determining whether […]