• Xarelto

    Xarelto (the trade name for Rivaroxaban) promises relief to patients who suffer from blood clots, whether those clots are caused by hip and knee replacements, or they stem from atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, or pulmonary embolus. The drug, marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Jansse... Read more

  • OxyContin Birth Defects

    Opioid painkillers like OxyContin seemed to offer a medical miracle: they promised complete and lasting relief from severe pain. However, the use of OxyContin has caused a wide range of public health problems but perhaps none is sadder or more serious than the problem of birth defects. In 2011, the ... Read more

  • All Criminal Law Topics

    .conSections { width: 48%; } .entry-header{ display:none } Learn about some specific types of criminal offenses. We all make mistakes. When we do, it is important not to make things worse through ignorance of the law or of our rights. If you find yourself facing criminal investigati... Read more

  • Title Insurance

    Title insurance protects individuals from potential losses that may arise after a real estate purchase. The losses title insurance protects against include liens, defects, or other encumbrances that may exist on the property, such as unpaid property taxes or fraud in the creation of a deed. Titl... Read more

  • Real Estate Closing

    Real estate transactions involve a substantial amount of documentation and paperwork, including a lengthy list of documents that must be signed by one or both parties. Once the attorneys and real estate professionals have ensured all inspections and other due diligence have been completed, it is... Read more